I wish i could have this one!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dearest dad,

You know that I love playing football since childhood.
You are the one that have encouraged me to play football since I was 6 You have bought me a ball when i was 11 and for sure a pair of boot when i was 12.right?
I know u were watching me playing football at school and those tournaments.Im proud of you and i still remember those glory days.You never stop me play this art of game when my bone was broken and that time i was standard 5.You came and brought me home when my leg is injured due to bone fracture last year.You never stop me.You love football too.I know that.So,can you please buy me this one?

Nike CTR 360 Maestro II.toltally awesome dad!
the boot that i desire the most right now.Please..... :)

Fyi,Iniesta and Fabregas wear this type of boot too.The most awesomeness for Spaniard heroes.

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

Naahhh,u like it too right?

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